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From March 18, 2024, the UW Psychological and Counselling Services Centre is launching a UW HELPLINE for the University of Warsaw community.

Here are the details:

In which situations? 

  • When you need support and conversation on topics that are important to you.
  • When you cannot come in person to the Psychological Consulting Desk.

For whom?
For all members of the University of Warsaw community (students, doctoral students, and staff).

From Monday to Friday, between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Who Provides Assistance?
Specialists – psychologists and therapists

Phone number: +48 22 55 244 24

Remember, if you are in a life and health emergency call 112. If you need to talk outside of UW helpline hours, call the national 24-hour helpline 116 123. You can also write to cpp@adm.uw.edu.pl.

The UW Helpline is an initiative of the UW Student Government, implemented by the UW Psychological Assistance Center.