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About us

Psychological Counselling Centre of the University of Warsaw provides confidential, free of charge short-term counselling and crisis intervention services as well as evaluation of needs for academic support (eg. exam accommodations, additional leave of absence to achieve your academic opportunities) for all students and employees of the University of Warsaw.

Our center helps clients with various difficulties – for example:

  • learning and workplace issues,
  • interpersonal problems,
  • adaptation and acculturation processes,
  • effects of traumatic experiences,
  • symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders or sleep disturbances.

Our team respects the principle of expert-client confidentiality based on a code of professional ethics.

Szymon Chrząstowski, PhD
Head of the Psychological Counselling Centre
of the University of Warsaw

Types of help:

  • psychological counselling
  • walk-in clinic (short crisis intervention, prior registration not required)
  • group therapy and support groups
  • psychological evaluation of needs for academic support
  • online support
  • psychoeducational trainings


The Psychological Counselling Centre came about following numerous discussions and sharing of thoughts and ideas, and the dedicated involvement and hard work of individuals, communities, and groups actively engaged in supporting members of the academic community, especially the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Jolanta Choińska-Mika, and the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Prof. Dominika Maison. The counselling and support offered also builds on the long-standing experience of the Disability Support Centre at the University of Warsaw, which assists students experiencing psychological problems by taking actions to promote the equalisation of opportunities for individuals with disabilities at university.

The Centre is managed by Psychotherapist Szymon Chrząstowski, PhD, who has extensive experience of working with therapeutic issues and a multifaceted approach to psychological wellness.