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When to go for help

When you feel the situation you are experiencing is beyond your ability to cope or may become so in the future. When you cannot find a solution on your own and the support of friends is insufficient. When you do not understand what is happening to you, and your reactions are surprising or making it difficult to function at the university, or with friends and loved ones. Talking confidentially to a specialist will help you to determine what your situation is and what kind of support you may require.

You will get help from CPP UW, which may also include help and recommendations on where to go next.

Please do not delay your decision to visit the CPP UW for help or support, particularly if you are experiencing any of the following:-

  • when you might be unable to control your reactions and behaviours, including aggression towards yourself or others;
  • when you see your past and present in black colours or when you do not understand why you have such mood swings that you find difficult to control;
  • when you cannot mobilise or motivate yourself to work, participate in classes, or meet friends, especially if this state has been going on for a prolonged time;
  • when you have difficulty concentrating and learning is getting harder and harder;
  • when you need help with your dietary needs;
  • when the tension in your body makes it difficult for you to learn and rest, or is causing you physical problems;
  • when you seek support or relaxation in stressful situations from alcohol or other stimulants;
  • when you have experienced or witnessed a traumatic situation;
  • when you experience any thoughts or ideas of ending your life.