Support group for English speaking students


Hello all!

My name’s Simon, and I’m the head of the Psychological Counselling Centre and registered psychotherapists. I would like to invite you to our support group for English Speaking Students.

We’re going to meet online just to get to know each other and create a space in which to talk about coping with on-line learning, loneliness, or lack of regular social student life. I am open to discuss whatever topics you would like to.

Please bear in mind that this is not a psychotherapeutic group, so we don’t work on mental health issues or serious problems. In this case, please make an appointment with a member of our staff.

You may feel a little bit lonely at first, particularly if you don’t have much opportunity to make new friends and the current situation could be especially disquieting for you. From my own experience, I know that sometimes it’s easy to feel incredibly lonely when you are abroad, and you just need a friendly conversation to help you build secure relationships with other people.

If you’re interested in this group, please let me know by email:, and I’ll send you some ground rules for this group. If you agree to these rules, please feel free to join us!

The first online meeting will be held on 4th Nov at 7 pm (till 8 pm) (CET).


Data publikacji: 21 października 2020