About us:

The Psychological Counselling Centre of The University of Warsaw provides confidential short-term counselling, crisis intervention services and evaluation of needs for academic support (eg. exam accommodations, additional leave of absence to achieve your academic opportunities) for all English-speaking students of The University of Warsaw. Our offer includes 3 meetings per semester but currently does not include a psychotherapy process – this means you would not have a chance to set and regularly evaluate long-term personal goals on the basis of a stable and developing relationship with a psychotherapist.

If you feel in crisis or overwhelmed while adapting to the new environment or new structure  of academic/job requirements, feel free to make an appointment using the contact:


Monday 9:00-11:00
Tuesday  9:00-11:00
Wednesday 14:00-18:00
Thursday 15:00-18:00
Friday 15:00-16:00

  • You can also come for a short conversation and make an appointment personally during walk-in-clinic hours. During these hours you can come to us without prior registration. This conversation should last about 20 minutes.

Monday 9:00-11:00
Tuesday 9:00-11:00
Wednesday 14:00-18:00
Thursday 15:00-18:00


Our adress:

Pasteura Street 7, Ist floor

02-093 Warszawa

(the old building of the Faculty of Physics – please take the entrance on your right when looking from Banacha Street)

All services are free of charge for students (regular and temporary) and employees of The University of Warsaw.

The entrance (view from Banacha Street)